Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas 2016
Published by Lex and Jegs Librero

Why This Newsletter?

More than a decade ago, a family newsletter titled similarly ceased publication.  It was a case of “we just dropped it because the editor (which was Lex) started having too many things to attend to.”  Since then, there have been major changes in the family, like Lex had become widower and got married again after some years, and King himself got his own family.  Over the years, friends have been asking where that “Newsletter” is.  Besides, we have not been able to share with friends what had been happening in our lives.  Hence, we are reviving the “newsletter.”

The basic difference with this “newsletter” is that it shall now focus on the major activities of Lex and Jegs, although we would mention special things about the Libreros and the Garcias (Jegs’ family side) every now and then.
We don’t have to elaborate on this.  Just take a peep into our lives up to the point we can permit you to do so. 


Lex Slowed Down on Activities

For 2016, Lex reports having completed the manuscript of his latest book titled Agcom-Devcom Crossover, A Participant-Observer’s Journey,  an account of his professional growth and development in the field of agricultural communications and development communication.  The book has just been submitted to the UPOU as an output of his project as Professor Emeritus.   He hopes that this book would be useful to students of development communication not only at UPOU and UPLB, but in other universities and higher education institutions as well.  Of course in previous years, he had various publications and research projects.

This year, he has slowed down having retired some 8 years ago (he’s now 73). 

He continued to serve as President of the UP Open University Foundation, Inc., a position he was elected to under two years ago due to  the requirement that the Chancellor could not legally serve such position concurrently with the Chancellorship.  He took over from then UPOU Chancellor Gigi Alfonso.    Lex was awarded in 2008 by UP the honorific title of Professor Emeritus, a lifetime title from the University of the Philippines System.

Beginning this year, Lex has been appointed Chief Editor of the International Journal on Open e-Learning (IJODeL), the official online academic publication of the UPOU.

Of course, as Professor Emeritus, Lex continues to serve as adviser or member of the academic advisory committees of graduate students at UPOU, on top of teaching one doctorate course per semester.

Lex is also serving as volunteer writer for BUHAY, the revived newsletter (online and printed) of the UPLB Alumni Association.


Multiple Achievements for Jegs

One, in June, Jegs received officially her PhD degree in environmental science from the UPLB.  This newsletter is proud of such achievement.  Her dissertation was on ecotourism in Batanes, which she visited four times from 2012 to 2015.

Two, one of her photographs (of a bug) was used in a book titled  The Class Lady Bug, A Polka Dot Winner.  This book, authored by Luz Enriquez-Lombos, was published in the USA during this year. 

Three, in November, Jegs published a book of photographs about Panyesanan, the farm of our late Kuya Flor in Bgy. Rizal, Lipa City.  It’s a beautiful coffee-book type publication, which, incidentally, has caught the attention of some friends and have actually started inquiring if they could buy the book.  Jegs is doing it step-by-step.  She did not do it for commercial purposes initially, but that could be included as one of the objectives now.

Four, in the previous year (2015), Jegs presented a paper in the First National Conference on Integrated Natural Resources Management, held at UPLB.  The title of her paper was Biodiversity in Key Ecotourism Sites as Potential Priority Conservation Target in Small Island Settings.  This was later accepted for publication in the JESAM Journal, published by the School of Environmental Science and Management (JESAM), titled as From Baseline Data to Improved Biodiversity Knowledge and Conservation: the Ecotourism Trail Experience in Batan Island.
Five, the year before last, she passed the professional Board Exam for Environmental Planners.  That made her a licensed environmental planner in the Philippines.  

Updates on the Extended Family

Jegs assisted Marjo Duritan, our niece, in organizing a get-together of members of the Librero Clan on October 16th, the 82nd birthday of our late Kuya Flor, who died on September 24, at 11:16 p.m.
Al attended various conferences in Europe and Asia during the year.

Vani (Librero) presented a paper in an international conference on breast-feeding in Vietnam in December.

As a family, they have travelled to Europe and Asia during the year.  It’s a good thing that the Apo, Aidan, is experiencing international travel early.

Both Jay and Blanche (Garcia) have found work in Pampanga.  Jay, however, is trying to seek a new work in Laguna.  Basti, their son, is growing up well.

Danyelle (Garcia) is doing very well at school, Xavier Nuvali, where she has a scholarship grant.  She’s now a young lady, and is growing up an independent teener.  It’s nice that every now and then she consults with her Tita Jegs on school matters.  Binay is doing well in guiding her daughter grow up.

For now, Nonie (Garcia) is very busy with his two pet cats.  Of course, he knows that taking care of cats can be expensive and time consuming.  He’s obviously enjoying them, though.


Sis Nita (Juanillas) and her children have been doing well.  Ja, the eldest, is back to school.  She’s pursuing her MS at UPLB.  Jon, a licensed  chemist, is enjoying his work at San Miguel, and has been travelling quite frequently.  Kin, a civil engineer, has transferred to the private sector from UPLB.  Fatima is working in Kuala Lumpur where she undertook her OJT.  Nita, who just retired, is still working part-time with the LSPU, enjoying the perks of being member of the Accrediting Committee of PASUC.



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