Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Carried Away, Losing Manners

After Christmas Day 2010, Jegs and I went to the Festival Mall in Alabang to have my laptop fixed.  As I was talking with Gerald, one of the sales persons in the computer shop, a guy simply came standing in-between Gerald and myself, his back towards me, and started talking to Gerald, inquiring about something.  I thought they knew each other and were discussing a previous transaction that got discontinued for some reason beyond me.  I just stopped talking with Gerarld and even moved a little back to give them opportunity to “finish” their business, even if the guy didn’t say anything sounding like “excuse me.”  When he was done, he left quickly so I started to talk to Gerald again regarding my transaction.

After about a couple more minutes later, the guy came back and talked straight away with Gerarld disregarding that Gerald and I were talking business.  This time, I got a bit irritated, so I stared at the guy and said as sarcastically as I could, “excuse me, we’re talking, if you don’t mind.”  Well, he did apologize and left.  But the point is, some people lose their manners now and then.  What he did was rude, so I had to be rude in a civilian way.  Sometimes, in our rush to finish some personal business, we lose sight of a lot of things.  We tend to lose our manners quickly, and forget to apologize for such rude manner.  We also forget that a whole lot of other people are also in a similar situation, the only difference being that they have better manners.


Visited Divisoria on January 2nd and found it pleasantly different now.  We just visited 168, which everybody knows … well, there’s the old 168 and the new 168, larger, more spacious and airconditioned.  The old 168 has also been relieved of its very narrow alleys.  The two 168s are connected so it is as if you’re in just one shopping mall throughout. 

For those familiar with the Bangkok shopping area of Chatuchak, 168 is much like the JJ Shopping Mall at Chatuchak.  168 is probably a little larger.

Dannyelle, who was with us, I think, enjoyed the whole trip.  Well, that trip was precisely for her.  Her Mon also joined us, so we all enjoyed a rather refreshing shopping mall.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that 168 is the best there is, but it certainly is better place to shop compared to the old cramped place.  There’s enough security in all of the five levels.  Dannyelle said, she would now prefer 168 over the sprawling malls like MOA and the various SMs, including the Calamba City SM Mall, or the Sta. Rosa SM Mall.  I think she was influenced a little bit by the overwhelming presence of pink stuff – Hello Kitty things, which are her favorite.  There would be more imposing displays in the larger malls, I’m sure.

Dannyelle seems like a good shopper who uses her head.  Jegs tells me that when she was deciding whether to buy her Hello Kitty backpack, which was priced decently, she was looking at the price tag and possibly thinking of a bargain price and was murmuring to herself, “my budget might run out.”  She did buy the backpack, which she’d be using for school.


I have this sneaky suspicion that the business shops at the Calamba City SM Mall are not really studying their business environment well.  Are they playing guessing game perhaps?  That’s a crazy business model.

Last January 2nd,  Jegs and I dropped by the Mall to purchase ink cartridges for my Canon iP2770 printer.  In one shop, the cost of the colored ink was P1,200, while the black ink was P900.  They didn’t have stock of the black ink so I just bought the colored one.  When I asked the sales lady where I could purchase a black cartridge, she directed me to an adjoining shop, which I visited.  Turns out that in that shop the colored ink was priced at P1,750, while the black ink was priced at P750.  These prices were way below the first shop’s price range.

At the Cyberzone of the Calamba City SM Mall, there is an ongoing price war.  No less than a sales person of one computer shop told Jegs and I about it, perhaps in a bid to convince us to purchase some of his toys.  Well, those toys weren’t good enough for us, sorry.  Anyway, prices are dropping to rock bottom.

I’m going back there to check out if the prices for my ink cartridge are going down still.  I can make use of additional spare cartridges.


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