Saturday, January 15, 2011

E-Biking, Anyone?

Last week Jegs got her e-bike.  She looks well on it, but I haven’t tried it yet as I have visualized myself a bit heavy on top of this little thing.  There’s a bigger version, though, but I haven’t decided if I could afford it.   How does this e-bike work?

Simple.  Just switch it on, turn the handle bar just like you do with a motorcycle, then off you go.  Well, do that slowly at the start.  If your battery is about 50% discharged and you’re still on the road, just turn the handle bar to the minimum level and whenever you think it necessary proceed to push the pedals and the e-bike’s dynamo would continue the work.  While operating the e-bike in this manner, your battery pack won’t continue to discharge.  Then, when you get home, recharge your battery … about four hours recharging time is needed.

The e-bike doesn’t run as fast as the motorcycle does, but it certainly runs like a bicycle with practically no sound.  It is as if you’re just free-wheeling.  We’re told that the e-bike runs a maximum of about 40kph and about 40km per charge.  That also depends on how much battery power you’re expending while running.  For example, heavy load and running uphill would invariably require higher battery consumption.  However, when your battery has been discharge about 50%, just leave the key at “on” position so that electrical circuitry is complete, then proceed to push the pedals as if to start a dynamo running.  Three pushes would be enough to run the e-bike for about 50 meters.  You need to push another three times for another 50 meters.  If you decide to push the pedals continuously, it would be like you’re on a stationary bike at the minimum stress level possible, i.e., free-wheeling point.

If your intention is just to move around the UPLB Campus as freely as you wish, especially if you have a number of errands to do, then the e-bike would work just fine.  If you prefer the bicycle, that works perfectly, too.

Advantage?  You won’t expend fossil fuel while running the e-bike, but, of course, you use electricity to recharge your battery pack.  Compared to the standard, good-looking bicycle, the e-bike is cheaper.  Well, you may think of other advantages.  These are actually personal matters.


I wish to congratulate Danyelle here.  I understand in the latest grading period at Don Bosco (where she’s Grade II) she got grades not lower than 90 in all her subjects.  Meaning, she’s part of that elite group, the honor students.  I know she’s been working hard on this.  In the past two grading periods, her average grades were higher than 90 but she had one (each time) in the upper 80s.  I understand that even if a child has a very high average grade if she/he has at least one grade that is less than 90 she/he wouldn’t be included in the honor rankings.  Well, Danyelle has made it.  I know she’ll hold onto that level until she’s promoted to Grade III.

OK, Nyelle, you got a “budget” from me.  But, remember our agreement?  Whenever I give you a “budget,” you gotta save it.


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