Wednesday, June 24, 2015

UPOU Soon to Launch Green Building

I mentioned in one of my FB posts in 2014 that UPOU was going to construct its first green building.  In fact, I posted a picture of the start of construction.  Today, I wish to inform the followers of this blog and my FB Posts, that said building shall be launched during the Graduation Ceremonies of UPOU in July 2015.  Well, that’s my belief, but I haven’t heard of an official launch yet.  Let me tell you a few little things about this building.

The UPOU Community Hub Building.

The main entrance to the Hub.
The building is called the UP Open Unive3rsity Community Hub.  My own perception is that this has reference to one of the important functions of the UPOU, as an open educational institution, to provide a facility and space where community residents could exchange with UOU academics ideas worth pursuing through individual educational efforts.  The UPOU provides a meaningful description of this concept  called ODeL or Open Distance Electronic Learning, which is at the heart of UPOU operations, and for which the UPOU has provided this facility.

At the background is UPOU's Billboard.

View from the rear.  Thisw portion will be a lagoon, I understand.

View from inside through main doors.

The roof enables light to shine through and would help reduce use of electricity for lighting/

This is one sample of the discussion  spaces at the UPOU Community Hub.

This facility shall house UPOU’s Learning Center in Laguna, UPOU Information Office (where souvenir items shall be available for sale at very low cost), the UPOU Library, perhaps a seminar hall, and discussion hallways.  Too, there are four spaces for food concessionaires who may be interested to provide food items like snacks and pasalubongs.  Take note that this building is almost right across from the SouthSupermaket in Los Banos, and entry through it doesn’t permit entry into the UPOU Compound  and IRRI field.  You enter through the main entrance, and exit through the same way.

This facility may be open to the public in July during UPOU's Graduation Ceremonies.  See you there.

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  1. How I wish my m-robot could navigate around that place. Kudos OU community for another milestone of success!