Monday, December 17, 2012

From The Backfiles

Jegs Goes Back In Time

Many things did happen in 2012, and not all were appropriately recorded.  Hence, the option was to do some random picks from the Backfiles.  This proved much more laborious than should have been.  Let's find out why.

There was Nyele's birthday bash (must be way back considering Nyelle's size), and Jegs felt she was part of the parlor games for kids.  Makes one feel young, though.  But she wasn't the game host, and she was a little over-sized.

Either Nyelle was imitating her Tita, or her Tita was.

Then there was this trip to the HillTop in Caliraya to fish in the manmade fishing lake.  We enjoyed that one even if we caught nothing the whole morning.  Poor little earthworms, they just died on our hooks.  We had wished there were fish on sale that time.

Well, this one was taken at the Balay ng Alumni in UP Diliman, during the homecoming of UP Alumni and awarding of the UPAA Distinguished Professional Awards.  That time I was the recipient of the UPAA Distinguished Professional Award for Education.  It was nice to be recipient of such prestigious award.

Jegs' family at the Ocean Part in Manila.  Nice experience to be "underneath" the giant glass aquarium and see sharks and other large fishes swim overhead.   Here with siblings, Binay, Nonie, and Mommy Lita, with Nyelle.

Jegs and neice, Nyele.  Not sure where this was, though.

Somewhere in the Ocean Park rows of resto, Jegs said she needed some rest.  She was laughing or smiling all the time, trying to catch the attention of this photographer.  I knew she wanted her picture taken.

Still at the Ocean Park, enjoying the photo-ops going on.  I should really have been trigger happy that day.  Now I have nothing to choose from.  Lesson, folks.  Shoot and shoot until you fill your card.  And bring more blank cards along, and fully-charged batteries, too.

Jegs with her tourism students at La Salle Lipa, when she was teaching there a few years back.  In fact, that teaching experience probably convinced her to pursue a PhD in environmental science at UPLB.  Well, now she's almost done.  And she says she doesn't like teaching.  Well, she must have learned that from the PhD Program at UPLB.

Sleeping beauty on the San Juanico Bridge connecting the islands of Leyte and Samar.  This was taken during a trip to Tacloban, in one of the out-of-town meetings of the UP Board of Regents when I was Faculty Regent. See the island on the middle ground?  That's way down under the bridge.  Inter-island ships pass under this bridge.  One relic of the Marcos regime.

At the Baluarte, the private zoo of Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson, Jegs tried to coax an ostrich to pose for her.  The ostrich wasn't impressed a bit.

Neither were the love birds, who were more interested in other visitors ...

... nor the hornbill, who would have nothing of such frivolities as having its picture taken, no matter that she introduced herself as a pro.

Did you know that this was very,  very difficult to find?  Must be the reason for the name, or vice versa.  But once you get in there, it's a beautiful place where you can enjoy varied sizes and shapes of plants.  Well, find it, first ... before thinking of enjoying it.

Me telling you where it is?  Huh, not on your life ... not without a fee.  In any case, I don't remember where this is.

Jegs enjoyed that stroll on the walkway along the beach fronting the MMSU Beach House in Ilocos Norte.  The askal wasn't interested in having his picture taken. 

But Jegs managed to meet a new friend, who was more fascinated by her D-90.  He could have been a good model, really, except that Jegs forgot to get his name ... not even his telephone number???

This is part of the Fort Ilocandia Complex, where one can buy souvenirs and gift items.

Jegs here with friends from MMSU: Dr. Josie Domingo (Director of Research that time) and Prof. Tita (nee Quitoriano) of the devcom group there.

Jegs at the Malacanan Ti Amianan (Malacanang of the North), built during the days of Marcos.  He held office in this presidential residence every time he was in the Ilocos area.

This review of backfiles is really not complete, but it's such a huge labor to just go through the files, which suggests a good lesson: always organize well your picture files.  You'll never know when you need to see those pictures perhaps to compare what you've grown into or simply recall what happened in times past.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All.

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