Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Signs and Sites

Sometimes we see very ordinary things more clearly than unusual ones.  For example, when we see notices posted in highly visible public places, we almost always immediately seem to know what those notices refer to perhaps because we have a pre-conceived notion of what might be properly displayed in that public space. 

In the week-end just past, Jegs and I went to see a movie.  At the entrance of the theater were display ads about the movie being shown, and a clear announcement to the public “For General Public Viewing.”  Of course, the theater facility, as a matter of policy, I’m sure, saw the need to translate this announcement in Filipino.  Hence, the following inscription under the public announcement:  “Ang lahat ng manunuod ay maaaring pahintulutang pumasok sa sinehang ito.”   The English version seems to refer to the movie, while the Filipino translation seems to refer to the viewer.

There appears to be a mismatch somewhere.  Of course, this is a case where another reminder may be useful, i.e., “meaning, lost in translation.”


In a new hospital facility Jegs and I visited recently was a beautiful sign on the door to the laboratory room that read, “Authorized Personnel Only” on which was super-imposed a No-Access sign (see photo).  Hmmm, could be confusing to many, but, interestingly, among hospital guests and personnel the sign seems clearly understood..  Do the “authorized hospital personnel” know that they’re the only ones not permitted to enter this room?  Hey, I’m not ramming this.  Just asking.  


It happens everywhere.  Everybody knows that malls open at 10 a.m. practically anywhere in the country.  Go observe any mall and you’ll inevitably see that people begin to congregate at the mall entrances at about 9:45 a.m.  And everybody wants to enter the mall five people abreast instead of entering in single file.  The former strategy definitely prevents people from entering faster, and the latter insures that entering the mall is orderly and quick.  Still, all want to enter at the same time as if there were no tomorrow, which prevents everybody from  getting in quickly.

Well, sweat it out first before you get in.  This is a scene at a mall door at Greenhills Shopping Center last week-end.


The construction of an overpass (bridge) at Calamba City Crossing, which we have reported earlier on, is going fast.  It pays to use pre-fabricated steel beams.  The bridge, I believe, will be completed sooner than I ventured to say in my previous entry in this blog.  This early, people are beginning to use it.

I firmly believe that when this overpass is completed and opened to the public, there’ll be huge change (for the better) in the traffic flow at the Crossing area.  Then, Calamba’s busy intersection will certainly look like an urbanized city crossing.

Yehey! for the people of Calamba City.


Now, while we’re on the topic, when shall an elevated lane be constructed at the Junction intersection at Los Baños’  business district?  This intersection, also called Crossing, is absolutely chaotic everyday during rush hours: 6-7:30 am, 11-12:30 noon, and 4-6 pm.

An elevated two-lane bridge will prevent vehicles from mixing up the traffic at ground level.  Those going to San Pablo and Sta. Cruz (south direction) and those going to Metro-Manila (north direction) will travel faster and straight without having to stop at the Junction Crossing, while those turning to UPLB or Mayondon will do so continually as well.  Traffic wouldn’t be at a standstill, even during rush hours.


Another Los Baños marker is on the rise.  Those who remember Grove from the 80s until recently should recall the sight of what used to be the Agrix Complex.  This place is now a very busy construction area.  On this site now begins to rise a facility, possibly a Shopping Mall, called the “Los Baños Centtro.”  You can expect that this will be a busy center in the next few months.  Perhaps they’re rushing construction to meet a December deadline? 


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  1. Hi Sir!

    A civil engineer from the municipal hall's saying that it's not feasible to build an overpass at LB junction/crossing because the road doesn't meet the required minimum width. :(