Monday, December 20, 2010

Connecting Again

This is my new blogsite,  If you still see my old blogsite ( called Sharing, discontinue reading it.  I have abandoned it because my account was hacked and I have no access to it now.  If that site, Sharing, still comes out, it's no longer mine and whatever comes out of it I disown.  I have also opened another blogsite.  You'll come to know more about that later.

I wish to inform those following my blogs that the hacker of my old account was probably able to send his message to all those in my address book.  He sent out a message informing those in my address book that I was supposed to be in Valencia, Spain where I lost my wallet and that I needed financial assistance in the amount of 2,800 Euroes or USD3,600 in order to get back home.  I'm not in Valencia, Spain, never been there, and don't intend to go there in the near future.  More importantly, it is not my nature to seek financial assistance from people who I just know through email exchanges.  Besides, I'm not traveling anymore.  Then, of course, I don't commit the grammatical mistakes that the hacker does! I hope you didn't fall for this cruel scheme.

Watch out for my succeeding entries.  Cheers to all.

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